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ICH., Multichamp. Kin-Sei RUTLEY
Kin-Sei Rutley
Kin- Sei Hasheem CH. Bimbo De La Perle De L´Ocean Indien Vanoi De La Perle De L´Ocean Indien
Sambava of Madecasses
Jg. Sg. Jolly Little Fellow´s Blanca Bonita Tropique de Madecasses
Kin – Sei Barbra Bara Bra CH. Valet De Coeur D´Aiguevives Roi De Coeur D´Aiguevives
Serad D´Aiguevives
Desiree De Maleverne

CH. Bimbo De La Perle De L´ Ocean Indien
Bess De La Fosse Aux Renards
Luxation patella: 0/0, PRA negative, Dysplasia: Dysplasia 0/0 - negative (FCI norm-A)
Breeder: Kinunen Kangas Seija - Finland
Awards: The best veteran of International dog show in Prague 2006, The first Czech veteran champion, Interchampion, Champion Austria, Germany, VDH, Poland, Czech Republic and Czech club, 16 x BOB, The best coton in Czech Republic 1999, National winner, Winner of Stockerau- Austria,Winner of Katowic - Poland, Winner of Leipzig - Germany, Winner of Jelenia Gora - Poland, Winner of Wroclaw - Poland, Bundessieger 1998 winner, Czech club winner 2000, Winner of Special show 2000.

ICH. Kin-Sei Rutley is imported from Finland from the Mrs. Kinnunen Kangas Seija breeder station.

This is my saddest moment to inform you that Kin-Sei Rutley has passed away on August 4, 2008. He was 15 years old. Kin-Sei Rutley was the first imported dog from Finland - the co-founder of breeding cotons in Czech Republic. His perfect exterior look and a great personality has earned him a lot of admiration from people around the World thus there is no surprise that Rutley has fathered over 200 puppies.

His offsprings not only earn tittles in dog competitions, but also, they were successful in a discipline called “Dancing with the dog,” and some other his kids were used as therapy dogs.

We wish a lot of success, happiness and a long-healthy life to all Rutley´s offsprings.



CH. Angoche Klenot Toliary, female

ŠaChampion VDH, Germany Champion
CH. Arnold Král Beskyd, male

Czech champion, Champion Slovakia, Club champion

Owner: P. Krčmařík
CH. Baileys Klenot Toliary, male

Slovak Junior Champion, Champion Poland, Club champion

Owner: P. Štulír
CH. Barley Klenot Toliary, male

Czech Champion, Natitonal winner

Owner: Jana Markrgráfová
CH. Glenn Klenot Toliary, male

Czech Champion

Owner: L. Homolová
CH. Barbero Tichý Don, male

Czech champion, Club champion

Owners: R. + Z. Točík
CH. Atalia Král Beskyd, female

Czech champion

Owner: J. Korytarová
CH. Debby Sněženky z Madagaskaru, female

Czech champion, Czech junior champion, Club junior champion

Owner: V. Jandová
ICH., CH. Kerry Klenot Toliary, female

Interchampion, Champion Poland, Czech club champion

Owner: Beata Lupinska, Poland
JCH. Olivia Klenot Toliary, female

Czech junior champion

Owner: Š. Svobodová
CH. Cotinika Revoka, female
Czech junior champion, Club junior champion


JCH. Lucky Klenot Toliary, male

Czech junior champion, Club junior champion
CH. Lady Klenot Toliary, female

Czech junior champion

More about our Lady here.
ICH., CH. Chéri Klenot Toliary, female

Interchampion, Czech champion, club champion, Slovakia junior champion

Owner: I. Kutílková
CH. Endien Falcon Revoka, male

Czech champion, Club champion, Czech junior champion, Club champion, European junior winner 99
CH. Bahia Král Beskyd, female

Czech champion, Champion Slovakia, Grand Champion Slovakia, Club champion, Champion BKS

Owner: P. Štulír
CH. Such Katmor´s Beatrix, female

Champion Sweden

Lotta Mírtensson, Sweden

Parents: Such Cotonbrie Manitu (father) x Chanfreé Battelship – Kate (mother)
ICH., CH. Jork Revoka, male

Interchampion, Czech champion, Champion Austria, Champion Slovakia, Champion Poland, BIG – Nürnberg 2004

Owner: J. Hrdina

CH. Ashon Klenot Toliary, male

Czech junior champion, 3 x BOB, Czech Champion, Club Champion, Czech Grandchampion, 2nd place BIG International Dog Show Prague

Owner: K. Tesaříková, tel.: +420 602621502
Angel Klenot Toliary, male


Owner: D. Kohoutová, Zlín, tel.: +420 777799799
CH. Atrey Z Kozlovické Zahrady, male

Czech junior champion, Club junior champion, Czech champion, Club champion, BOB, second place BIG in International Dog show in Ceske Budejovice 2006

Owner: T. + M. Markovi, tel.:+420 732743733
CH. Erra Terry Revoka, female
Czech Juniorchampion
CH. Fantagiro Annie Tichý Don, female
Czech Champion
Owner: M. Koukalová

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